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What Is a Split System Heat Pump?

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We all want an efficient heating and cooling system, whether for the hot summer or the cold winter. Nonetheless, sometimes finding the most suitable and energy-efficient system could take a bit of time and research. It`s probably why you're here; to find out more about split system heat pumps.


Honestly, you should consider it as you research about the most suitable system for your home. These highly effective systems will deliver the cooling you need during the summer. Again, they can reverse this process and generate the necessary heat during winter.


But what really is a split system heat pump? If you don't know much about HVAC, there are high chances that you don't know what a split system heat pump is. Lucky for you, this write-up will cover everything you need to know it, from what it is to the benefits it has to offer and so much more!

Read on to find out more.



What is a split system heat pump?

Typically, this system is a split heat, ventilation, and air conditioning mechanism - HVAC. This translates to two independent units, outdoor and indoor, which come in handy in regulating your household's temperature.


To achieve this, this divided system heat pump is installed using copper piping throughout your home. Consequently, the outdoor unit is designed to function as a heat exchanger and a compressor. On the other hand, the indoor serves as a traditional fan and coil.


When it's operational, this heat pump moves air via the indoor unit and circulates it through your house's ventilation system. If needed, Freon gas is utilized as a refrigerant as air moves. Also, this gas absorbs the heat from the air.


How it works

A split system heat pump works in two ways depending on whether you want it to cool or heat your household.


As a heater

The freon gas takes in the heat from the surrounding air in the outdoor unit. As a result, this gas heats up to high temperatures (1400 F) by circulating through the compressor in the exterior unit. The heated freon gas gets into the interior coil through the copper piping.


The fan featured in the inside unit pulls this heated air via the grill. From here, it circulates via the coil in the inside unit. As the gas sits in the copper piping, its heat moves through the coil's metal. The gas from the fan comes through the coil and transfers its heat to the heat ventilation ducts inside your property. Essentially, this heat pump system is an AC unit that reverses the process of cooling to keep your property warm during low temperatures.


As a cooler

When the temperatures are high, and you need this system to cool your home, it will not disappoint. Heat in the house is transferred through the coil featured in the inside unit. The coolant takes in the heat from the hot air. Moisture and heat are eliminated from the air in the household. The freon gas conveys the heat via the pipping to the compressor in the outside unit.


As the gas moves across the compressor, it then shifts to the coil. The heat moves via the coil in the exterior unit, and it is released to the surrounding air.


Benefits of using a split system heat pump

Now that you know what a split system heat pump is and how it works, it's about time we delve into the benefits it comes with. They include;


1. Flexible positioning

Nothing is peskier than buying an HVAC system that gives you a hard time installing because it must be placed in a specific spot. Nevertheless, this is not the case with split system heat pumps. They offer versatile positioning, meaning you can customize where you place it. This is significantly easier than having a unit that needs to be situated in a specific way regardless of the home's layout or needs.


2.  Energy-efficiency

Nowadays, it is vital that your heating and cooling system be energy-efficient. This will reduce your utility bills. There is no point in purchasing a system that will overextend itself and result in high and unaffordable utility bills. This is the case with most outdated units, which is why most homeowners are choosing split system heat pumps. As a homeowner, you can save a lot of money on utility bills and still keep your home comfortable.


3. Dedicated controls

This unique feature is for when you want to cool a single room rather than the whole house. Different situations call for different setups, which is where the split system heat pump comes in. You can independently set this system to ensure it cools specific rooms in your household instead of the whole house. This also comes in handy in reducing your utility bills, whether in the summer or winter.


4. Silent operation

If you're searching for a system that operates in a noiseless manner, then this is the way to go. Split-system heat pumps typically blend into your home's layout, which is why they are great long-term investments. Besides, you don't want a loud unit that`s constantly disturbing your peace at home. A split system heat pump works so silently; you can barely hear it.


5. Simple installation

Lastly, a split system heat pump is easy to install. Once you get a professional to do this, you will have it running within a few hours. The process of installation is not too demanding, and it's affordable.



This is what a split system heat pump has to offer. It is crucial to purchase the proper system for your household. This will guarantee that everything works as needed and does not have issues in the future.


A reliable system will run well during both the winter and summer. For this reason, it would help if you found an all-inclusive solution that is designed to last a long time, which is what the split system heat pump is all about. Hopefully, this piece has been useful in helping you find the right system for your property.

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