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Return Water System for Domestic Air to Water Heat Pump

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Household air to water heat pump can provide continuous hot water, giving people the most comfortable living experience. In terms of installation, it is necessary to install a return water system for large houses, especially when the bathroom is far away from the domestic heat pump water heater. Considering the factors of comfort and environmental protection, there are many noteworthy points.

Stainless Steel Domestic Heat Pump

The problems that a return water system can solve for us:

1. Save water, do not need to drain the cold water in the pipe when using hot water;

2. Save energy such as electricity;

3. Save a lot of time waiting for hot water.


Area of Application:

Hot water is used in places far away from the water heater, such as homes, villas, hotels, factories, schools and other places where hot water is needed.


Installation Conditions:

1. The unit itself is small and can be installed near the water heater.

2. When decorating, you can pull a return water pipe from the far end of the hot water to the place where the water heater is installed.

3. Reserve a three-legged socket. If you are going to install an air source heat pump water heater, reserve two three-legged sockets.


Working Principle and Classification

The main component of a return water system is a water pump, and the pump itself is equipped with a remote control. The water heater is equipped with a thermostat. There are several ways to start the return water system: one is to use the remote control of the water pump; the other is to switch the tap; the third is to use the switch on the thermostat of the water heater. The best way of starting the return water system of the air to water heat pump is to open the tap. In short, whether or not the return water pipe is laid, the return water system must be given a signal before the water heater is used.


1. If a return water pipe is installed, then the water pump will start to work. It pumps the residual cold water from the hot water pipe into the return water pipe and then merges it into the cold water pipe. In this way, the hot water comes out of the water heater when you are taking a shower.


2. If no return water pipe is installed, a one-way angle valve must be installed under the washbasin farthest from the air source water heater. When the return water system receives the signal of returning water and starts to work, the cold water remaining in the hot water pipe is directly pumped to the cold water pipe through the one-way angle valve, so that the hot water comes out directly when you are showering.


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