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Noise Reduction: 3 Ways to Lower Air Source Heat Pumps Noise Level

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Noise pollution is easy to ignore, but working and living in a noisy environment over a long period can have more or less bad effects on the body. Noise affects our conversation, work, and sleep.

Hence, the quest for a cleaner and more sustainable resource is especially urgent. Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

The sound rating of a normal conversation is between 30 DB to 60 DB, which is acceptable. Most heat pumps' outdoor units have a noise level of 60 DB, which equates to a normal conversation. Some latest super-quiet heat pump models with state-of-the-art technology have a lower sound level, say 50 DB. For indoor units, the sound level is largely from 18 to 30 DB. Besides, the newer the heat pumps, the quieter they are; hence, they produce lower noise.

Thus, if your heat pump generates more than 60 DB of noise, it is about time to examine your heat pump to locate the source of such a loud noise.

The noise comes principally from the fan and the compressor, partly from the water pumps and ducts. The operation of the machine causes vibration noise from the heat pump components.

Here, to be specific, I want to shed light on the noise-reduction methods of air source heat pumps.

1.  Choose and upgrade the latest air source heat pumps.  

First, selecting the right air source heat pump according to your specialized heating and cooling needs is a basic consideration. Next, refer to the parameter table to check the noise level of the heat pump's main

components. The best is that you choose the efficient ones with the lowest noise level. Besides, you should also note that the newer the heat pumps, the more advanced noise reduction technology used,

consequently, the less noise they produce.

Besides, if your heat pump is so old as to generate very loud noise, changing to a new one would be a better option because all machines wear out through time and age. The heat pump can last an average of 10 to 15 years, depending on the use frequency and maintenance. Its lifespan will be even shorter if you use it frequently but neglect maintenance. What's more, after so many years, the heat pumps have paid for themselves, so you can get rid of them without regret.  

2.  Locate the optimal location and surroundings for your air source heat pumps.

After purchasing, the installation location of your heat pumps also matters to the noise level of your machine. You had better keep the outdoor unit as far away as possible from bedroom windows or the places where you often relax and rest. Likewise, ensure that the installation site is as remote as possible from your neighbours.

Also, you must avoid mounting the units too high for the noise would transmit to your neighbour's house unobstructedly. And best practice is to set your heat pumps on the ground with the chassis damping cushion, which SPRSUN heat pumps also boast, to help fix your unit and prevent it from vibrating intensely.

3. Get regular maintenance checks and insulate the components.

The law applies to everything that after we buy something, the regular and in-time check is quite necessary to recognize the potential minor problems and then nip them in the bud.

Heat pumps' regular maintenance should include checking whether the parts, bolts or screws are loose or not, are worn or torn or not. If the spare parts are worn out, you should replace them. And if loose, you ought to fasten them.

Apart from replacing and fastening the accessories, you can also use some insulation methods to help reduce the noise.

To minimize the noise impact of heat pumps on your neighbours, you can use fences and walls to assist in blocking the noise.

You can reduce the outdoor unit's noise by wrapping the compressor and installing a rubber shock pad and spring shock absorber.

For ducted heat pumps, choosing a good duct insulation layer is important to both keep you warm and aid in reducing and removing noise.

For the water pump noise reduction, consider using the sound insulation cover to enclose the pump. We can isolate it from the outside.

It is especially worth noting that we must ensure the heat generated in operation and the energy transformed by the noise inside the cover spread to the outside timely to guarantee the temperature rise of the pump is within the allowable range. At the same time, it should be easy for us to maintain the pump.

For the fan coil, try to choose a low-noise and high-efficiency one.

You can also use trendy soundproof windows and curtains to reduce noise in human ears.

4. Technical features of SPRSUN Full DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps

SPRSUN Full DC Inverter heat pumps are always known to its global consumers for the following outstanding features:

Remote WIFI APP Control

Low-temperature and Low-frequency Control Technology

Full DC Inverter Control Technology

EVI Control Technology

Intelligent Defrost

High-temp Sterilization

Double Anti-freezing

Super Stability

Lower Noise Treatment

Here I'd like to specify the lower noise effect of SPRSUN Full DC Inverter air source heat pumps. To achieve lower noise, SPRSUN has a 4-fold noise reduction treatment:

a) The mechanical cabin's sheet metal uses 20mm thick high-performance noise reduction material-wave cotton.

b) The compressor is wrapped with thickened by-component cotton.

c) A chassis damping pad is applied.

d) Square wire mesh with smaller wind resistance is used.

In addition, SPRSUN applies Panasonic rotary compressor and DC inverter brushless fans to ensure the pumps' sound is managed satisfactorily. SPRSUN full-inverter air source heat pump series can achieve low noise operation of 56dB when tested at the outdoor units, which is much lower than the average heap pumps. Click this link to learn more about SPRSUN'S Full DC Inverter heat pumps: https://sprsunheatpump.com/15kw-r32-erp-a-evi-low-temperature-full-inverter-heat-pumps.html.    SPRSUN'S Full DC Inverter heat pumps

5. Conclusion

Besides what has been said, many other ways are also available to deal with the noise of air source heat pumps. Technology is rapidly evolving. So there is still a great possibility that humans join hands to produce quieter, much more environmentally friendly, time-saving, cost-effective air source heat pumps. For air source heat pump manufacturers and dealers and everyone, there is a promising market waiting ahead.

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