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How to Choose an Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater?

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Air source heat pump water heaters are a kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly hot water supply equipment which can replace boilers without resource limitation. They apply eco-friendly refrigerant to absorb the heat in the air. Through the operation of the compressor, an air source heat pump can produce domestic hot water of more than 50 with annual C.O.P value over 3.0.


Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are suitable for indoor swimming pools, hotels, villas, hair salons, foot bath, factories, farms, etc. The units can be used in the hot water heating process, and can also be installed in places where the cooling capacity is needed but not so highly required.


How to select an air source heat pump water heater? What should be taken into consideration when purchasing an air to water heat pump?

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Constant Temperature

The constant temperature function ensures that the water will not be overheated when bathing, which also avoids scalding accidents. At present, the safe water temperature of hotel water heaters is about 55. The water temperature people use for bathing is generally between 30-40.


Thermal Insulation

If a water heater does not have a good heat preservation function, it is not an ideal water heater. When the ambient temperature is 15-20 and the temperature of the water in the water tank is 55-60, the temperature drop within 24 hours should not exceed 4. Therefore, it is very important to select a high performance water heater, which will save a lot of electricity cost.


Water Tank Volume

To select the right water tank volume, you mainly need to consider household population and hot water consumption. Generally, 50-60L of water is used by each person per day. For example, if there are 5 people in the family, we can choose a water tank of 250L or 300L. Customers can select a larger water tank according to their actual situation.


Convenience of Maintenance

When purchasing a water heater, we should consider whether it is convenient for maintenance in the future. Generally, people prefer to choose all-in-one heat pumps. Yet, from a professional point of view, when an all-in-one heat pump requires maintenance, it is more troublesome than monobloc heat pumps. Maintenance is something customers have to face in the future.


Therefore, if the place where the water heater is installed in your house is not very small, it is recommended to select the monoblock type air to water heat pump. The so-called monoblock type includes a heat pump unit and a water tank, which are separated. In contrast, an all-in-one heat pump contains the water tank and the heat pump unit in the same metal tank.


Coefficient of Performance

The COP of air water heat pump represents heat energy generated by the equipment divided by electricity consumed. The value of COP directly indicates the heating efficiency of a heat pump, and the more efficient the unit is, the more power is saved. Therefore, COP is an important parameter to measure the heating performance of ASHP.


Heating Capacity

For ordinary families, 3.5KW to 7KW heat pumps should be able to meet the demand. If it is a large family or for commercial use, you can consider choosing a unit with higher heating capacity.


Assuming that 1000L of 20 cool water needs to be heated to 55 every day, then the heat load = 1*1000*(55-20) = 35000Kcal; 1kW. H = 860Kcal, then the heat load = 35000/860 = 41KW. H. If the heating time is 5.5 hours per day, the the heating capacity of the required heat pump model can be calculated: 41/5.5 = 7KW.


Additional Buying Tips

  1. Appearance inspection: the paint on the outer surface should be uniform, bright in color, and it should be free from falling off, dent, severe scratch, extrusion mark, etc.; the shell is better to be made of antirust steel.

  2. Strictly prevent fake and shoddy products. Generally, it is best to go to a leading manufacturer or a distributor/reseller authorized by the manufacturer to buy a heat pump.

  3. Make sure there is a complete list of accessories.

  4. Check the power plug: the wiring should be firm and the wire should be thick and hard. If it is too small, it will heat up soon after being electrified for a while, or even cause fire due to overheating after long-term operation.

  5. Testing and inspection: first, check whether the indicator light is on, and whether the machine is humanized without the need for people to frequently switch it on/off. Check whether there is overheating protection function and whether defrosting is doing well.

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