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How to Choose a Heat Pump Manufacturer for Long Term Partnership?

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With the wide spread of global environmental protection and energy saving, the air source heat pump industry has become one of the opportunities for investment. Many businesses are also considering working with the leading heat pump brands to share the dividend of the rapid development of this industry. However, choosing a professional air source heat pump manufacturer is a matter of caution and seriousness. If you don't know how to choose the right brand, it's likely that you might lose both the money and the opportunity. So, how to strategically choose the right heat pump manufacturer?



Industry Experience

There are many air source heat pump manufacturers in the market, but only a few are professional ones. Many manufacturers have entered this industry only in the past few years, lacking professional experience in the field of air energy. Founded in 1999, as one of the leading air source heat pump brands in China, SPRSUN has been in the HVAC industry for more than 21 years. It has a technical and R&D team with more than 15 years of research and development in air to water heat pumps. So far, SPRSUN has accumulated rich experience in the field of commercial and household use, and has built a rich product line.


International Certificates

Most countries and regions have set up their own product certification institutions, using different certification marks to indicate the degree of conformity of certified products to relevant standards. This internationally recognized and effective certification method can make enterprises or organizations establish good reputation and brand image with their product certification, and let customers identify the quality and safety of their goods through these certification marks.


SPRSUN has obtained international certificates including CCC, CE, CB, ISO9001 , ISO14001, RoHS, ERP, etc. Its newly developed DC inverter air source heat pumps have been rated by TUV as ERP A+++ energy label.


Research & Development

R&D is an important pillar of enterprise development. When choosing the right air source heat pump manufacturer for long term cooperation, resellers/distributors must pay attention to the R&D strength of the enterprise. Compared with some suppliers that outsource their heat pump production, SPRSUN does not only have the advantages of industry experience & international certification, but also invests a lot of money to build up a leading air source heat pump laboratory, which strictly controls product quality and technological breakthroughs.


SPRSUN heat pump performance testing lab can carry out the input power of 0.8-80kw and the power frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. At the same time, it has an ultra wide indoor and outdoor temperature simulation range, which can simulate the working condition from -30 to 50. With the continuous efforts of our R&D personnel, the heating efficiency of SPRSUN's new DC inverter multi-function air source heat pump units have been greatly improved, with COP up to 5.65.


Heat Pump Categories

In order to compete in the global industry, a professional air source heat pump manufacturer must develop a variety of air source heat pumps with a certain degree of diversification and innovation. At the same time, the manufacturer should adapt to the development trend of the times and meet the needs of different customers. At present, SPRSUN has a wide range of air to water heat pumps, including monoblock DC inverter heat pumps, split EVI DC inverter heat pumps, air source heat pump water heaters, EVI heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, high temperature heat pumps, etc.


Sales & Marketing Network

The sales & marketing network reflects the business strength of an air source heat pump manufacturer. A manufacturer with steady market share growth can gain more trust from its customers. SPRSUN's sales and marketing network does not only cover China, but also extends its global business to over 60 countries, with more than 300 strategic partners all over the world. We have heat pump projects in India, Romania, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, South Africa and so on.


Service & Support

Whether you are an reseller or a project company, you need to look for an air source heat pump manufacturer that can quickly respond to customers' technical problems. SPRSUN regularly holds air source heat pump related trainings, from theory to practice, to provide all-round guidance for cooperative businesses, in addition to cultivating excellent technical personnel, helping them grasp relevant product knowledge, and quickly opening the local market with dedicated marketing support. With 24 months of long warranty, SPRSUN has a quality after-sales support team and a mature technical service mechanism to solve the problems for its partners.


Of course, in addition to the above, businesses who intend to enter the industry can also investigate and understand the actual situation of the manufacturer through other channels before selecting the right brand. It needs to be emphasized again that air source heat pump is indeed a field worthy of investment. There are many brands in the market, but the strength of air source heat pump manufacturers varies. It is necessary for investors to make careful decisions before entering the industry.

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