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How is SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pump Kit?

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Installing an air-source heat pump is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to handle heating and cooling in your home. Air source heat pumps are also better for the environment and a great way to reduce the carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort.

One of the challenges of air source heat pumps is their relatively complex installation process. This often translates to high installation costs or erroneous installation if homeowners go the DIY route.

Fortunately, SPRSUN has developed an all-in-one air source heat pump kit to make the installation process easier and faster. Herein is a comprehensive overview of the SPRSUN air source heat pump kit, designed to save homeowners time and money during heat pump installation.

What is the SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pump Kit?

The SPRSUN air source heat pump kit is an all-in-one Monoblock heat pump component kit that provides easier and faster installation. The package comes with all the components necessary to install an integral air source heat pump. These components include:

  • Water pump

  • Filter

  • Three-way valve

  • Expansion tank

  • AC contactor

  • Electrical box

  • Leakage protection switch

SPRSUN air source heat pump kit supports R32 DC inverter heat pumps, and it can also be used with a rooftop solar power system (PV power). Application with PV power requires that the solar array provide a stable voltage to the air source heat pump. The heat pump kit is ready to use if there is a stable voltage source that meet the heat pump requirements.

SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pump Kit Features and Specifications

The SPRSUN Monoblock heat pump is available in four versions or models with different leakage switches, among other specifications. The models include CGH02, CGH03, CGH04, and CGH06. Visit the product page to check out the specifications of each model.


The Benefits/Advantages of SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pump Kit

1. It Helps Save Time and Money during Heat Pump Installation

The heat pump installation process is one of the major issues that prevent air-source heat pumps from becoming more common in many homes. The installation costs tend to be higher compared to traditional heating systems. The installation costs of an air source heat pump via the services of a professional installer can range anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000.

When you factor in the upfront purchase cost, which also tends to be high, the overall cost can be prohibitive. This can keep many homeowners from adopting air-source heat pump technology. SPRSUN air source heat pump kit removes this installation barrier by helping save the consumer some money when installing heat pumps, as you can install the Monoblock unit without professional services.

Time is also another factor when installing heating systems. Figuring out, sourcing, and purchasing all the components necessary to install a heating and cooling system takes a significant amount of time. The SPRSUN heat pump kit eliminates this hustle by providing a comprehensive all-in-one package with all the necessary components for an easy and fast installation.

2. It has a Compact, Space-Saving Design

The compact design of the SPRSUN air source heat pump kit makes it ideal for installation in tight spaces. With a volume of approximately 0.14 cubic meters (5 cubic feet) and a weight of 34 Kg, the SPRSUN heat pump kit is conveniently compact and light while still offering all the necessary components for installing a Monoblock air source heat pump.

Placement is a major factor that can affect the performance of an air source heat pump. Choosing the perfect location to install an air source heat pump can be more challenging compared to other types of heating systems.

It is important that you install the heat pump according to industry guidelines. For instance, it’s recommended to install an air source heat pump unit away from direct sunlight, away from windows and neighbors to reduce noise, close to your property to reduce pipe length, and away from locations that experience high winds.  

With a compact all-in-one unit, it is much easier to adhere to these installation location guidelines to ensure efficient and reliable heating and cooling. It is easier to find the perfect placement for a compacted heating unit than a large one in just about any type of home.

It also gives you more choices as to where you can install the unit while helping you save space in your home. The compact and light design also allows for easier and faster installation.


3. It features a High-Efficiency Water Pump

The SPRSUN air source heat pump kit includes a Grundfos water pump, which offers various benefits if you have a water-based heating system. Grundfos water pumps are manufactured by one of the leading pump manufacturers based in Denmark. These top-quality pumps help maximize the efficiency and prolong the service life of a water-based heating system.

The pump is a simple but integral component of an air source heat pump. This crucial component consumes a significant amount of energy in a heat pump unit or any other appliance for that matter. Much of this energy represents unnecessary waste.

According to Grundfos, two-thirds of pumps use up to 60 percent more energy than necessary since they operate at full speed regardless of requirements. Most pump motors only need to run at maximum speed around five percent of the time. This inefficient operation leads to major energy wastage throughout the service life of many pumps.

Using a high-efficiency pump saves a considerable amount of this energy and helps you save money on energy bills and operations costs. The Grundfos water pumps in SPRSUN heat pump kits are highly efficient, reliable, durable, and have a long operating life.

However, some consumers can find Grundfos high-efficiency pumps to be costly compared to other pumps. For this reason, SPRSUN also offers a heat pump kit that includes a cheaper water pump alternative. The alternative option helps cater to the budget needs of different consumers by reducing the overall upfront costs.  

4. High-Capacity Expansion Tank for Increased Safety

Despite its compact size, the SPRSUN air source heat pump kit comes with a large 5-liter expansion tank to enhance the safety of your water heating system. The volume of heated water in a closed heating system, such as an air-to-water heat pump, increases and places additional pressure on the system. Over time, the pressure fluctuations can damage system components such as pipes.

An expansion tank alleviates this pressure and prolongs the life of the heating system. It is located on the load end of an air-to-water heat pump to protect the heating system from thermal expansion. The high-capacity expansion tank included in the SPRSUN heat pump kit helps you maximize the life expectancy and efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

5. It Has a Robust Multifunction Filtration System

Heat pumps are more than just heating and cooling appliances. The air filtration system in the SPRSUN heat pump kit cleanses air as the appliance works. SPRSUN air source heat pump kit comes with an efficient and reliable CALEFFI multifunction dirt separator and filter for this purpose.

This device comprises a magnetic decontamination and safety exhaust system in a single compact unit. The multifunction filtration system handles various cleaning functions, which are pivotal to the efficient operation and longevity of the heat pump components.

These functions include filtering, magnetic decontamination, exhaust, pressure monitoring, and safe pressure relief.  Air quality in your home is more important than ever today, and the filtration system in the SPRSUN heat pump kit ensures good indoor air quality.

6. The Three-Way Valve offers Multi-functionality

The SPRSUN air source heat pump kit features a high-quality Diameter Nominal (DN) 25 3-Way valve. 3-Way valves are designed for diverting and mixing water to meet the requirements within a heating and cooling system.

This type of valve enables you to select the appropriate mode according to your heating needs.  If you require a hot water function, you can choose this application alongside other applications like indoor space heating. A 3-way valve is a great option if you have separate heating and cooling tanks.

7. It Comprises High-Quality Components

As a homeowner, you expect reliable performance and efficiency from your residential heating and cooling system. SPRSUN rests its reputation on the quality of its products, and the SPRSUN air source heat pump kit is no different. SPRSUN understands that the precision, efficacy, and durability of the component used in its products determine the products’ serviceability and longevity.

As such, SPRSUN uses the best quality parts and components and employs a strict quality control process to manufacture its air source heat pump kits. Having product quality as an exclusive focus ensures better heat pump functionality and reliability, as well as safety and minimal downtime.

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