Heat Pumps For A Drier Home

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Heat Pumps For A Drier Home
Keep Warm and Dry This Winter

It’s a familiar ritual across Christchurch for many families over winter.
Wake up, wipe the condensation off the windows, open them up to air the room out. 
It’s what you do in winter to freshen the air and prevent mould growth inside your home. It’s not always easy, 
because Christchurch weather can be unpredictable,and who wants to open up the windows if it’s windy, raining 
or even snowing outside? How on earth are you meant to stay warm then?
How Do Other Heaters Work?

Fan heaters, panel heaters and convection heaters convert electricity directly into heat. They are not highly efficient 
forms of heating,and on top of that they don’t circulate the air. That means a cold, damp room will become a warm, 
damp room. However, the moisture in the room means it takes twice as long to heat as a dry room. 

In winter, we want to keep our homes and our family as warm as we can, so we pull the curtains, close the windows, 
and do everything we can to keep the heat from escaping our Christchurch home. While trapping the warmth makes 
it easier to heat a room, it’s not great for air flow. 

This can be a real problem if someone in your family is sick. The last thing you wants for an air borne virus to sweep 
through everyone in your household.On the other hand,opening up the windows to air out the room will make you
cold and potentially cause more sickness.

Seriously damp homes cause illness,breathing difficulties,skin infections,trips to the hospital, and in some cases can 
even cause death. 

Heat Pump Benefits
Let’s face it, you knew the solution was going to be heat pumps before you made it this far right? 

Heat pumps heat a room by cycling the air, shifting warmth inside while transferring the cold outside.You can read a 
more detailed explanation of how heat pumps work here. Because electricity is only needed to run a compressorand 
fan, heat pump are very energy efficient forms of heating.

What about your morning ritual of waking up and wiping down the windows? If you leave your heat pump running 
overnight, or have the timer turn it on before you wake up, the heat pump will transfer the moisture and condensation 
outside as it heats up the room. No more wiping down windows and worrying about mould growth. 
Heat Pumps Keep You Healthy

A warm, dry, ventilated home will also cut down rates of sickness. Because heat pumps circulate the air, removing 
mould and damp, it removes a number of conditions which cause illness in adults and children.Also, once someone 
gets sick, heat pumps continue to circulate the air inside passing it through air filters. The heat pump’s air filters kill 
most germs and bacteria, which helps to contain colds and flu once they find their way into your home and stop 
them spreading to other people. 

Just to be clear, when Christchurch has a sunny day in winter it will still be worth opening up the windows and letting 
some fresh air come through.But when those days are few and far between,your heat pump will still get fresh air into 
your home to keep you warm and dry.

If you’re sick of wiping down windows, cleaning up mould, and frequent trips to the doctor, contact us to help make 
your home warmer, drier, and healthier.

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