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Best SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pumps to Consider in 2022 and 2023

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Do you want to enjoy optimal and conducive temperatures without any hassles, notwithstanding the weather? Get the best SPRSUN air source heat pumps in the market and enjoy your money value!

The market boasts many air source heat pump models, but only a few units can aptly generate heat. Typically, although SPRSUN heat pumps use a similar operating mechanism, the uniqueness in features makes all the difference.

Air source heat pumps are a uniquely reliable and effective home appliance, but despite their popularity, many myths surround their application. While these units are fairly costly and marred by myths and misconceptions about their functionalities, they allow you to enjoy your warm experience for an extended period and adjust your temperatures to your preference, rendering them a convenient and worthwhile investment for many owners.

Ideally, getting the best air source heat pumps goes beyond just the brand and price but depends on several distinct factors, like the size and output, among other factors. If you have the finest pool heaters, this guide is for you. This post outlines the top air source heat pumps from SPRSUN in the market to warm your premises. Moreover, we also include a buyer's guide listing several important factors to consider when choosing an air-source heat pump.  

Let's get started.

EVI DC (9.6KW) Inverter Split Heat Pump

Unique Features

  • Intelligent defrosting

  • Smart control

  • Excellent low noise feature

  • Voltage range options 330V-450V or (150V-260V)

This SPRSUN heat pump unit facilitates proper pool heating and cooling, domestic use water, and general house warming.

It has an ambient temperature of -25ºC- vital in allowing the heater to automatically boost its operating frequency, although it depends on the ambient temperature. Also, it boosts its heating capacity when exposed to low temperatures.

9.6KW EVI DC Inverter Split Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater House Heating Cooling Pump

This inverter split unit comprises several unique functionalities, including:

  • Unique anti-freeze protection to enhance its overall heating proficiency.

  • An indoor element that effectively blows air over its evaporator coil

  • Exclusive unit for powering the system.

With this advanced technology, the heater can easily detect the system's water temperature, and the unique anti-freeze feature automatically starts operating.

The 9.6kW heat pump also has fast cooling and heating speeds courtesy of its EVI rotary Panasonic compressor boosts high-efficiency levels while ensuring the component operates at high-efficiency levels.

Best Inverter Heater: SPRSUN R32 ERP A+++ 20KW Heat Pump

Besides being an innovative heating system, it is also a smart air conditioner and water heater. The SPRSUN EVI DC Inverter Heat Pumps for Hot Water Heating Cooling transfers heat from indoors to outdoors when cooling and outdoors to indoors during water heating in systematic cycles.

This fantastic pool water heater has several unique features: noise reduction, ERP A+++ rating, smart control tech, R32 refrigerant, and guaranteed safety.

With this model, you can enjoy the benefit of cost savings in your power usage and lower GWP. Since this pool pump uses R32 refrigerant, it affords less harmful environmental effects as it features a low ozone-depleting capacity for cleaner and more efficient operation. Also, this tech offers remarkable properties like flammability, low toxicity, and inertness, all benefits that translate to minimized costs and increased safety for consumers.

R32 ERP A+++ 20KW EVI DC Inverter Heat Pumps for Hot Water Heating CoolingR32 ERP A+++ 20KW EVI DC Inverter Heat Pumps for Hot Water Heating Cooling

The SPRSUN R32 also offers unmatched efficiency, as outlined by its fantastic performance coefficient (COP) of 5.95, rendering it a more effective option than conventional DC inverter pumps that utilize other refrigerants. Ideally, this heat pump means getting 3-5kW of heat/1kW of electric energy return ratio. Typically, standard natural gas heaters afford as much as 98% efficiency, but with this pool heating pump, you can save up to 500% more than standard natural gas pool pumps.

The SPRSUN EVI DC pool heating pump continually modifies the output while performing in the background to ensure consistent temperature regulation. It minimizes the temperature fluctuations in your swimming pool by responding to alterations in overall heat demand.

This robust pool heater model also features smart sensors and a distinctive CAREL controller, which allow the unit to independently control and record temperatures. With this smart technology, you can ensure your pool temperatures remain consistent across your entire home. In essence, even in cold weather settings, this unit ensures that you stay perfectly warm and delighted in your swimming activities.

Moreover, you can enjoy online monitoring because of its modern WIFI compatibility. You can access contactless services from the SPRSUN R32 center and enjoy more protection due to its EVI DC technology.

Typically, traditional pool heating pump components usually generate annoying noises during operation. Purchasing such machines can be a fairly difficult experience, especially with high noise levels. However, this unit features brushless (DC) inverter fans that promote noise dampening.

Unlike traditional pumps, this unit applies a constant, noiseless compressor motor that operates in the background and conserves power. Therefore, this is a quietly-operating machine and does not alter temperature when it attains a specific temperature, although the temperatures are fixed at a given level.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Lastly, these modern units use the Panasonic Compressor (dual shock) absorption feature to enhance sound reduction. Ideally, among the numerous panel inverters in the market, this is by far the quickest SPRSUN system, beginning at 42dBA.


  • Power Source: Electricity

  • Modification: Heat pump      

  • Performance COP: 5.95

R32 (12KW)  EVI DC Inverter ERP A+++ Heat Pumps


  • Advanced/Smarter technology

  • Efficiency

  • noise technology

  • Lower GWP

  • Anti-explosion technology

The 12KW R32 heat pump unit is a mono-block model that offers reliable heating and cooling functions. It boasts a running temperature ranging from -25℃ to 45℃ and a unique power supply range to suit all your needs.

This ERP A+++ unit boasts smarter/more advanced technology courtesy of its CAREL controller. This helps it to automatically record temperatures using unique sensors. These heat pumps comprise a WIFI monitoring technology that allows you to liaise with the SPRSUN manufacturer when needed.

R32 ERP A+++ 12KW EVI DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps - Monoblock Type

This unit allows you to enjoy lower GWP owing to the exclusive R32 refrigerant gas that promotes the effectiveness of DC inverter units. This way, you enjoy a smoother and cleaner noiseless operation. Ideally, this helps minimize environmental effects due to minimized carbon emissions.

Finally, this heat pump unit has a low noise operation advantage promoted by unique noise regulation technology. Ideally, it has exclusive functions that help effectively reduce noise and superb dual shock absorption (courtesy of the Panasonic Compressor). This unit is undeniably among the quietest models.

What are the main factors to consider when buying a SPRSUN heat pump?


Air source heat pumps are larger than conventional electric heat pumps and require more space in your home to run efficiently. They are also heavier, which makes it difficult to install them in tight spaces like bathrooms or garages where you want to maximize your space usage. If you have limited storage space, an air source heat pump may not be the best choice for your home or business because you will need to dedicate more space than an electric model would require.

House Location

The first integral component to consider when purchasing an SRSUN air source heat pump is the location of your house. The unit will be most effective at heating the main living area of your home, so if you have a large room with windows on two sides, you'll likely want to opt for a central heating system rather than one in the hallway.

If you have a smaller room or need supplemental heat during the winter months, an air source heat pump may be suitable. You may also find that an air source heat pump can help to save money on energy bills because it doesn't require any fuel to operate and thus requires less gas or electricity than traditional heating systems.

Cooling Capability

Air source heat pumps are designed to provide cooling. They can be used in areas where a water-based system would not be viable due to high humidity or where the load requires more than just air movement.


The other integral factor to consider is the efficiency of the system. An air source heat pump will be more efficient than a ground source system, which means it will use less energy and still produce the same amount of heat. The more efficient it is, the less expensive it will be in the long run.

Air source heat pumps offer higher efficiency than water-based systems. They can recover more energy from the same amount of electricity and be more environmentally friendly.

Space Available

The next factor is your home's space for a new HVAC system installation. This can vary from premise to premise and from room to room within a given house, depending on how large each room is and what kind of heating and cooling equipment might be needed. For example, if there's only one bathroom in your home, you only need a basic unit as opposed to a house with multiple bathrooms due to differences in capacities.

Installation Costs

Air source heat pumps require less maintenance than water-based systems, which reduces operating costs over time.

Noise Levels

Since air source heat pumps do not use water, they are quieter than water-based systems and can be installed in areas where noise could be an issue, such as bedrooms or office spaces, without disturbing other occupants in adjoining rooms or offices.

Comfort Levels

The final thing you should consider is your comfort level with the system. A ground source system will always deliver some form of comfort, whether that is through heat or cooling. An air-source system will not always provide you with any comfort, so if this is something you don't want in your home, then an air-source system may not be right for you.


The air source heat pump is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems. It uses a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and an electric fan to convert heat from the exhaust air into usable heat in the room.

With the ongoing advancements in air source heat pump accessories, the market is packed with many options, hence the need to choose the best air source heater available. While heat pump units have improved drastically, SPRSUN heat pumps remain the standard-bearer for the ultimate air source heating experience.

With these few tips, you can confidently pick the best air source heater to suit your heating needs.

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