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Best Inverter Heat Pumps Reviewed in 2022

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People throughout the globe are accustomed to the use of forced air systems for conditioning and heating air in their houses. Some of the common appliances that rely on such systems include heat pumps and air conditioners. 

Inverter Heat Pumps

However, modern-day technology has played a critical role in enhancing the systems that people use in their houses in the present day. The advancement has seen the introduction of inverter-driven variable speed compressors to heat pump technology. The technology is typically at the center of the improved performance, versatility, and efficiency related to the best inverter heat pump

Typically, the technology employed on inverter heat pumps enables them to run in a full range of 0 to 100 %. The technology achieves this by computing the conditions and temperature in the house and adjusting its output to match the environment's needs appropriately. 

At the same time, the technology enables the heat pump to run at variable speeds, thereby enhancing an even and efficient operation, which reduces the number of cycles. This mechanism is at the core of the inverter heat pump's comfort and efficiency. 

When acquiring an inverter heat pump, there are many things to consider. Typically, there is information that one must ensure to obtain and scrutinize before settling on acquiring the heat pumps. Manufacturers and distributors can readily provide the information, but it is important to enquire, to get ultimate information. Some of the critical things to look for include the following:

  • Manufacturer’s reliability

  • The technology used on the heat pump

  • The temperature at which the heat pump can operate at

  • Software use and compatibility

  • Performance and efficiency

  • Additional benefits related to a particular model


Inverter Heat Pumps with Proved Efficiency in 2022


Several inverter heat pumps have ascertained efficiency. In the following excerpt, we look at the features of a few of them.


1. SPRSUN 19KW 20KW R32 DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps for Cold Areas


19KW 20KW R32 DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps for Cold Areas

When designing these heat pumps, the manufacturers must have been careful to ensure that they meet the user’s desire for comfort. The model is perfect for enhancing comfort by appropriate warming of water, cooling, heating, and cooling the room, among other aspects. 

This model uses a technology that enables it to achieve the results in diverse ways, though its advanced system is at the center of its functionality. Here are some common features of the inverter pump. 

  • Five-inch colored touch screen: This is an important feature that grants the user the ability to control the temperature and sets its system’s modes pretty easily. Users can easily check the error codes since a clear modern-day interface is there. 

  • -30⁰C EVI temperature operation: The model that uses EVI low-temperature DC is made to appropriately suit the cold climatic areas. The model from SPRSUN incorporates R32 refrigerant and inverter EVI technology to enable the heat pump to yield hot water at 60⁰C and keep the house warm even when temperatures are at -30⁰C. 

  • Software upgraded with a single click: Since most software requires an upgrade once in a while, the heat pump employs a design that notifies the user when necessary. Upgrading is simple once the user connects the heat pump to the internet, although the internet speeds should be fast enough to guarantee a quicker updating process. 

  • The other features of the heat pump include but are not limited to low noise production, R32 Refrigerant, intelligent defrosting, and smart control, among others. 


2. SPRSUN 9.5KW A+++ Energy Label DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump - Monoblock Type


9.5KW A+++ Energy Label DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump - Monoblock Type

This is a heat pump model with the best energy efficiency rating in the market. Some of the notable specifications of the heat pump include a Maximum COP of 5.56, a power supply of 220V to 240V, a heating capacity of 9.5KW, and a maximum cooling capacity of 8.5KW, among others.

Some of the features that confer the heat pump its functionality include: 

  • ERP A+++ Energy: Due to its efficiency in energy use, the model is rated as A+++, the highest rating given to any heat pump. The heat pump has attained the perfect standard for any inverter heat pump. Therefore, the model’s energy consumption is quite low and within the usual expectations.

  • Heating and cooling speeds are pretty fast: Typically, the heat pump contains a technologically improved Panasonic rotary compressor that is included to enhance efficiency. This helps the heat pump run at its best efficiency, enabling it to heat water or yield cooling or heating at great speed. 

  • Smart control: The heat pump employs a technologically advanced mechanism, “intelligent CAREL Controller with RS485. This is critical in realizing the link control between the terminal application end and the heat pump unit. The heat pump contains WIFI technology which enables the user to control the heat pumps from the comfort of their phones. 

  • Five working modes: The improved functionality of this model is further enhanced by the utilization of five heating modes, including Mode 1 through to Mode 5.


3. SPRSUN R32 ERP A+++ 22KW EVI Low Temp Multifunction DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps


R32 ERP A+++ 22KW EVI Low Temp Multifunction DC Inverter Air Souce Heat Pumps

This type is the best solution for an inverter heat pump that runs more cleanly and with unmatched effectiveness. The capacity to deliver the functionalities comes from its major specifications, including a maximum COP of 5.81, a running temperature of -25⁰C to -45⁰C, a maximum heating ability of 22KW, and cooling ability of 20.1.

Furthermore, the model can provide a range of functions to the users, including heating of water and houses and cooling the house's various rooms, among others. 

Some of the heat pump's unique features include:

  • Lower GWP: This heat pump contains a refrigerant gas R32, which works with the DC inverter heat pump to run moderately cleaner and more effectively. As a result, it has limited harmful impacts on the surroundings since its carbon emissions are quite minimal while it does not deplete the ozone in any way. 

  • Enhanced efficiency level: The inverter pump has a maximum COP of 5.95. This enables the unit to charge and recirculate in a manner that is more efficient than DC inverter heat pumps of most of  the market’s refrigerants. This is great for families since they can cut on energy bills as there is little energy consumption. 

  • Incorporation of smart technology abilities: The unit contains a CAREL controller, which plays a critical role in noting down temps using sensors that record the atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, the unit contains an online monitoring system (WIFI) that enables the manufacturers and customer support to accord essential support to clients whenever needed. 


4. SPRSUN 4.5KW 6.5KW Small R32 DC Inverter Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump


9.5KW R32 ERP A+++ Small Cold Climate DC Inverter Monoblock Heat Pumps

When finding a perfect heat pump for a swimming pool, the 4.5KW 6.5KW Small R32 DC Inverter Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump is the best option. The unit is made with several specs that confer its ability. 

The specs include a maximum COP of 16.33 or 16.18, a power supply of 220V to 240V, and an operating temperature of -15⁰C to -45⁰C. Similarly, the heating capacity is 4.5KW or 6.5KW, while the cooling ability is 2.5KW or 3.6KW. The unit is important for several functions, such as heating water for domestic pools and cooling. 

The features that enhance the functionality of the pump are:

  • Maximum COP 17.3: This is important for enhancing energy saving during its operation. Note that with the COP that hits as high as 16.39, the unit can change the operating frequency of the various heat pump components, such as the fan and rotary compressor. It, however, changes the frequency depending on the needs required. This shortens the time required for heating, which provides more heat than the former heat pumps. 

  • Low noise 40 dB(A): The SPRSUN DC inverter pool heat pump system employs Panasonic inverter compressors equipped with brushless Nidec DC fans. As a result, the system ensures that the pumps do not make unnecessary noise during operation since the two elements help in reducing the noise internally. Therefore, the pools are guaranteed to have excellent silent eradicating the common noise-related with the domestic heat pumps. 

  • Titanium tube-in-shell heat exchanger: These units utilize the Titanium tube-in-shell heat exchanger with high degrees of chemical resistance to eradicate opportunities for corrosion. Typically, Titanium is an excellent option to handle high temperatures, pressure, and water erosion. This ability correlates with its qualities; hardness, resistance to heat, and corrosion resistance. 

  • Other features of this inverter pump include a concise heat pump design, WIFI App, and touchscreen controller, among others. 

Apart from the inverter heat pumps outlined above, a great range of other heat pumps features the best inverter heat pump as compared to many others. To explore a list of the wide range of authenticate inverter heat pumps, check on SPRSUN website.


The Bottom Line


Installation of a heat pump requires thorough knowledge of both the technicalities and the right designs. There are crucial aspects to look for when acquiring an inverter heat pump, which is dependent on the intended installation purpose. 

However, a good inverter heat pump should at least meet the user’s needs appropriately, a factor that can be ascertained by following the guidelines of an expert when acquiring one.

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