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Air Source Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Heating Systems

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Is your house warm enough in winter? If not, it is better to look at the comparison between air source heat pumps and traditional heating methods, so as to prepare well for this year's room heating.

Air Source Heat Pump

Heating Temperature

Compared with furnaces, air conditioners, electric heaters and other heating equipment, air heating can hold 18—25℃ indoor temperature, which can be adjusted. Users can set the heating temperature according to their heating needs.

Heating Effects

Air source heat pump can achieve a balanced heating temperature in every corner of the house through floor heating or radiator. Unlike furnaces, air conditioners or electric heaters, you get warmer when you are near the heat source, but feel cold when you get away from the heating source. Therefore, the heating effect of air source heat pumps is really very prominent.

Guaranteed Safety

Air source heat pumps use electric drive technology for heating. Electric drive compressor is applied for heat conversion instead of direct electric heating. The separation between water and electricity guarantees no leakage danger. Different from furnace and gas heating, air heat pumps neither will produce any toxic gases, therefore safe and reliable.

Low-carbon & Environment-friendly

The global market is filled with coal-fired furnaces. The exhaust gas and dust produced by combustion have aroused widespread concern of the society. Now a lot of countries are making great efforts to rectify the problem. Air heat pumps will not emit dust and soot into the atmosphere, and neither will produce carbon dioxide which is influencing the ecological environment.

Energy Saving

The COP (ratio of heating ouput to energy input) of air source heat pumps can reach up to 450%. Its energy consumption is less than 1/4 of electric heating, 1/3 of gas heating, thus making air heat pumps the most energy-saving heating system.

The improvement in the quality of life encourages us to have a higher and higher demand for life. Traditional heating methods can no longer meet our heating needs. Coal-fired furnaces result in uneven heating, and there might be the security risks of gas poisoning. Air pollution is even serious. Air conditioners and electric heaters can not meet the requirements of the entire indoor heating. Thus, air source heat pumps, which are able to meet the heating demands of bungalows, buildings, villas and other applications, gradually step into the market.

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