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2022 Air Source Heat Pump Grants in the UK

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Air source heat pumps have been the real deal for the last four years, and now in 2022, they are still keeping pace. Despite their use for heating being only 5 % globally, the IEA estimated that it has the potential to reach 90 %.

Speaking of which, some countries are encouraging folks to invest in zero-carbon emission heat pump grants. The U.K. has been having the Renown RHI grant for several years and has finally terminated it in march 2022. As of now, it's to be substituted with the "boiler upgrade scheme" in April. The new grant will be offering a £5,000 discount on heat pumps. Scotland has the "warmer homes Scotland" grant aimed at reducing home heating costs, helping the less able sand even war veterans. On the other hand, Welsh citizens are benefiting from the "nest program."

If you are lucky enough to be a citizen of any of the above, you probably wish to know if you are eligible or how the system works. Read on to discover more.

Air Source Heat Pump

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme in England

The boiler upgrade scheme stems from the UK's clean heat grant. It's aimed at helping residential buildings upgrade to low-carbon heating systems. The boiler upgrade system will be effective as of April 2022, when it will substitute for the now non-functional Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grant.

As per the announcement made by the UK government, the BUS is part of a plan to decarbonize the entire nation. As a result, £5,000 grants are to be allocated to each home for the boiler upgrade scheme and to encourage the use of non-carbon tech such as heat pumps.

The initiative will operate for three years, beginning in April of this year, and the U.K. has allocated £450 million for it.

This strategy aims to minimize carbon footprints released by homeowners that still rely on hydrocarbon fuels to warm their houses and allow for the phase-out of hydrocarbon fuels in the future. This plan will help the U.K. meet its grandiose objective of building 600,000 heat pumps annually in the next seven years.

Who is eligible for the boiler upgrade scheme grant?

The boiler upgrade scheme award's qualifying requirements are identical to those of the residential RHI. This grant is planned to substitute for RHI in supporting extant households.

Following previous government discussions on the boiler upgrade scheme, a set of factors has already been explicitly put out. This aims to enable householders to understand exactly what they get from this grant if they are qualified. These requirements are as follows:

  1. The property must have a genuine Energy Performance Certificate, obtained a decade ago. An EPC reveals how power efficient a property is by assigning it a grade ranging from "A" for highly efficient to "G" for poorly efficient. This helps to comprehend the carbon gasses emitted by the building and the heating costs.

  2. To be accepted, a building needs to be an extant structure or custom-built. The boiler upgrade scheme will not be available for new construction. Incentives are desperately needed to facilitate this change.

  3. Homes must analyze their energy demands and provide at least one quotation from a trained installer to be eligible for the award. Each property is responsible for registering for the coupon, while the installer is in charge of cashing out the vouchers. This will guarantee the coupons are used for houses that require assistance. Your installers have MCS certification.

  4. Lastly, another factor that dictates eligibility is that there should be no loft or cavity wall fitting demands on the EPC. However, an exception can be made if the structure is government-owned or situated in a historic district.

How is the boiler upgrade scheme grant going to work?

The BUS grant is different from the RHI. Its vouchers can cover costs of up to £5,000, while for the RHI, you get payments for seven years based on your yearly needs.

Compared to the RHI, the funding from the boiler upgrade scheme is lower. Still, it's just going to last for two years.

After consulting with and receiving at least one quote from a trained installer, applicants can apply for the boiler upgrade scheme grant in the U.K. Note repairs to heating systems, and air-source heating pumps should be performed within three months of receiving the coupons.

Regarding time-consumptions, this schedule is lengthened to half a year for larger installations, including ground source heating systems and hydro heating pumps. Coupons worth up to £7,000 will be distributed and redeemed once the work is completed.

Warmer Homes in Scotland

The Scottish government's "warmer homes" grant aims to provide financial support and assistance to homes fighting through power bills to remain warm. The grant can be accessed by calling the Scottish home energy department.

They should be able to link you up with warm work. Besides, it's not just a grant but also aims to implement various energy-saving modifications. It is exclusively for homeowners and private tenants who have been in the same home for at least one year.

The upgrades that are to be made will be determined through a property assessment. That is,  evaluators will visit your home to inspect it and provide recommendations for modifications that are appropriate for the home, which might include a variety of insulating, draught-proofing, and heating.

In most circumstances, the Scottish Government may cover all expenses. Bear in mind that financing cannot be obtained for already completed projects. An authorized installer must oversee any Warmer Homes Scotland-funded property upgrades.

Some relatively expensive modifications, such as insulating a concrete wall, may necessitate a consumer payment in specific situations. Interest-free credit is provided to help cover the cost of the consumer payment.

How does it work for private sector tenants?

For private sector renters, the property owner will be informed of the upgrades the government of Scotland can support and self-cover. Before any upgrades are implemented, their consent must be obtained.

Warmer Homes Scotland enhancements accessible to consumers living in separately leased dwellings have been restricted since August 1, 2017. Under the statutory Rebuilding Code, modifications that a homeowner is legally required to offer are no longer provided to private rental housing. These clients are eligible for different upgrades if needed.

Who is eligible for the warmer homes in Scotland grant?

  • To qualify for a Warmer Homes Scotland heat-pump grant, claimants should meet the following requirements:

  • Be a house-owner or renter of private property.

  • Warm House Scotland has not helped you upgrade your home in the last five years.

  • Your home should meet all the living standards as stated in the Housing Act 2006 of Scotland.

  • You must live in the to-be-upgraded home for nearly a year.

The grant is aimed at helping people living with disabilities and the elderly in Scotland. It also encompasses those who suffered road accident injuries and veterans injured in the field.

The Nest Wales grant for Welsh Residents

The Nest project is part of our effort to decrease energy costs in Wales by improving household energy savings.

The Nest initiative attempts to enhance a home's power efficiency, which somewhat lowers energy expenses, increases comfort, and promotes health. Certainly, it helps to lessen the chance of a home falling into fuel poverty or enduring the negative impacts of dwelling in a chilly setting.

Since 2011, Nest has given free energy efficiency upgrades to people in the clutches of unpayable energy bills, especially low-income and elderly families, with nearly 30,000 houses benefiting. The Nest project also offers access to complimentary professional advice and assistance for Welsh residents, with over 98,000 homeowners receiving assistance and recommendations throughout the program's seven-year lifespan.

How does the Nest Wales grant work?

If a homeowner is having difficulty paying her power bills, she has to call Nest's support to determine if they are qualified to get the needed help.

Should the homeowner fit specific requirements, she will be directed to British Gas. The latter deals with "home assessment," a property analysis that determines the home modifications to be made.

If you qualify, the government of Wales will consider installing heat pumps and a power-efficient boiler in your home. If it is not already in place, your home might have its loft cavity external and interior walls insulated.

What are the eligibility criteria for the nest?

  • If you live in Wales and need help to heat up or air condition your home, check if you meet the requirements below before making any applications.

  • Check to see if you own the house or have rented it privately.

  • Your home should be energy inefficient and costly to warm up.

  • You get a means-tested benefit or suffer from respiratory and circulatory illnesses.


    Air source heat pump grants aim to make homes energy efficient with eco-friendly heating systems. If you are not getting an air or ground source heat pump installed in your home, you can still benefit from other modifications such as insulations. The goal is to achieve zero carbon emissions while also assisting people struggling to pay their energy bills to stay warm during the cold months.

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